Texas Land Engineers, Inc. is a civil engineering consulting company located in Houston, Texas. John D. Gerdes, P.E., President of the company is a native Houstonian and a graduate of Texas A&M.

Since graduating from Texas A&M, John has worked in several different fields within the civil engineering community. Mr. Gerdes has been a Municipal Utility District "MUD" Engineer, acting City Engineer, but always from the Consulting Sector of the industry. As a Project Manager/Engineer, John had designed and overseen the designs of hundreds of projects that included both private and public projects.

Specializing in land development was a natural transition for Mr. Gerdes. Having been on the reviewing end of private development and enforcing the rules and regulations established by the governing authority, now John represents those developments for his clients.

At Texas Land Engineers, "We structure our services to your needs."

Message from John - What can Texas Land Engineers do for me that other civil engineering firms can't?

"I truly believe our strength is being able to adjust to your needs and wear several hats throughout any project.
There are times that I or my staff receive a site plan or a phone call and before we start the proposal, before we start the design, we ask ourselves why and how much.

Many firms can look at the project from a civil engineering stand point and can agree a project can be built. We look at the next step, which is, "Should it be built."

These parameters depend on the Client and his needs. Most of my Clients have a budget and they need to know what can and can not be built at a particular tract of land. Next is the cost associated with the project to include professional services and construction costs.

Many firms can put together a set of construction drawings, but are they wearing your hat or are they wearing a Project Manager's hat as it relates to that design firms bottom line."